The 10 Best Dating Sites Dating sites Review – Very popular and one of the largest dating site Review – Very popular and one of the largest dating site Review star-7945688 star-7945688 star-7945688 star-7945688 star-7945688 is one of the “big dog” in the online dating industry . Since its creation in 1995 is one of the largest dating site on the internet today with more than 15 million members across 240 different countries and with also more than 200,000 singles signing up every day . is extremely popular and is a great place to meet singles . In 2010 alone more than 600,000 singles found a meaningful relationship through . With all these statistics you are almost guaranteed to meet your match . If you purchase a six Month membership at and you don’t meet any one special within this period then will add an additional six Months to your membership at no additional cost . is available in many different languages and has been rated by Forbes Magazine as one of the best online dating services . Features

Matchmobile: offer what is known as Matchmobile . With Matchmobile you will be able to surf on your mobile phone . You will enjoy all the features of on your mobile phone . You will be able to create and update your profile , search for matches , send and receive emails and text messages all from your mobile phone . dating application is available for the iphone , palm pre , palm pixi , Blackberry and Android .
Matchword : also offer what is known as Matchwords . Matchwords is similar to the keywords used at your favorite search engine . You can define a list of keywords that others users can search to find you .
MindFindBind with Dr.Phil : For those who really need assistance getting started with online dating , Dr Phil’s exclusive Monthly program will walk you through how to get started with online dating , what to do to find someone perfect and how to maintain the relationship over time . platinum has a platinum service where a personalized professional Matchmaker will provide advice and direction on how to succeed in getting a perfect partner .

Free Membership

Anyone can signup for free at . As a free member you can create your profile and add photos to your profile . You will be able to search for other members and view their profiles . You can also send winks to other members but however you will not be able to communicate with other members and will not have the ability to see who has viewed your profile .

Paid Membership

Once you upgrade and become a paid member , you will enjoy all the benefits of a free member plus you will be able to send and receive email messages , have access to instant messenger , read and reply to emails on your mobile phone , see who has viewed your profile , talk with other members on your phone and your profile will appear at the top of searches conducted by other members . You will be able to search for other members base on age , sex , zip code , location and more .

Membership cost

Basic membership is free . premium membership cost: $34.99 Monthly $19.99/Month for a 3 Month subscription .

$16.99/Month for a 6 Month subscription

If you sign up for the 6 Month subscription but don’t find the love of your life in that timeframe , will extend your membership another 6 Months for free . accepts Visa , Master card and paypal as payment method . 7-day Free Trial



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