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How To Find A Genuine Online Date –

This is definitely one of the most talked about and written about dating topics of today, considering the increasing threat to genuine date seekers.

You could avoid being trapped and abused by a fake online date if you use the following basics when you search for a date next time. You may think you have already read enough of it. But just read on ‘cos you might catch something new!

· Start with a good dating service – To start with, use a reputed dating service provided by a known website. Their reputation itself makes it necessary for them to be more careful when allowing online dates.

· Longer the better – Subscribe for a reasonably paid online dating service of your choice. Do not select free or cheap dating sites. Always try to pay for at least 3 months period. You have to pay only the amount you’d spend on a two or three cheap dinners! Try to find out suitable dating or matchmaking site depending on your requirement (religious, black, ethnic, fun etc).

· Look for dating service reviews – If you are worried about your money being wasted on something of no use to you, make use of online dating services review sites where you can search and learn about dating services around the world. They provide expert guidance for you to find a dating site to suit your requirements.

One thing I must emphasis is that there are many internet dating review sites which are out of date. They have reviewed the dating services two or three years back. Always select reputed review sites that are up to date.

· Read the profiles carefully – Always look for descriptions which sound truthful. Avoid contacting too many. Limit your contacts to a few. See who is continuing for a long time. They may be the genuine ones who really want a date with you.

· Avoid superstars J – Avoid personals which sound too good to be true with photographs of handsome dudes/lovely chicks! Specially avoid overseas personals of similar kind who are all too interested in you.

· Avoid Scams – Carefully see whether you receive any pleads for financial help. If yes, first thing you should do is to avoid them at all costs. (avoid sending money for visas, air tickets etc) This is a popular scamming technique. Don’t fall in to that trap.

· Don’t give any numbers – If you are considering a more personal relationship with the online date of your interest, get his/her contact number. If they are reluctant to give a number, be careful. If they gave you a number, try ringing it then and there without telling him/her and see who is picking the line, always use a public phone and don’t use your mobile phone by any means.

· Things about personal details – If you are confident that you have carried on long enough to confide in each other see whether he/she is willing to give out personal details. If he/she is totally unwilling to give out any information, it is better to back off.

· Be honest – Finally, be honest yourself. If you are not being truthful, you cannot expect another to be honest with you. However, always be careful of what you should reveal to a person you have not yet met personally.

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