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Free downloadable romance ebooks

Below are some great romance ebooks you can read to upgrade your dating skills.

500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets. by Oprah Romance Expert.
Here you’ll learn . . . .
•The biggest lovemaking mistakes.
How to invigorate each other to make love.
•Ways to help cure premature ejaculation.
•Dozen of oral sex tips.
•Fun sex games.
•How to make your erections harder.
•The best positions to make love.
•Unique places to make love.
•Secrets to give each other more pleasure.
•How to make sex more intmate and meaningful.
•Ways to incorporate food into lovemaking.
•The complete guide to safe sex.
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Second Chance Romance – How To Win Your Ex Back.
by Jason Hicks Underground Breakup Expert Here you’ll learn . . . . »The Correct Way to go about apologizing WITHOUT looking  weak or desperate.

»7 REAL reasons why men and women abandon relationships.
The “Counter-Intuitive Approach” that will have your ex calling  YOU, begging for a date.
Examples of the Exact Phrases you can use to apologize to your  ex, ask them on a date.
Sex? Learn why having it too soon after the breakup KILLS your  chances.
An “Earth Shattering” technique that will allow you to get  WHATEVER you want in the relationship.
The 3 Most Imperative Factors that keeps a relationship going  strong.
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12 Simple Rules. Love, Dating, Romance And Seduction Guide For Men And Women. Find A Girlfriend Or Boyfriend by Elena Solomon
Here you’ll learn . . .
•How to reframe rejection so you feel powerful.
•How to take charge of your emotions . •How to use the power of choice to win in the dating game . •How to handle stressful situations . •How to defuse embarrassing questions. •What to do if your date stood you up. •How to deal with people who are arrogant. •The single most effective way DATING GURUS use to get a date. •The one SIMPLE criteria that will make your dating life ten times  easier . •How to make your ex DYING to win you back. •What is the single most important component of dating confidence. •What precisely men and women seek in a mate. •How to find your true love – the person who will be always on your  side and will never judge you. •How to give your words more weight and power. •How to become the interviewer instead of being interviewed. •How to be treated by others the way you want to be treated. •How to never be ashamed of yourself again. •The most important thing to STOP doing if you want to achieve  success in love . •How to  choose to be attractive. •Why having numerous boyfriends/girlfriends in our teens gives you  advantage later in life. •The five essential steps to getting the relationships you desire. •The magic question you can ask in any public place to start a  conversation with a potential date. •The best outfit to meet a serious boyfriend. •The ONE clothing rule a man absolutely must follow to attract a  date.   Click Here to read more . . . .

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