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Creating the perfect online profile

Online dating has reached such levels of popularity that it is now becoming more acceptable than it used to. In fact, due to the innumerable stories about successful relationships that started off as an online partnership, people are turning to this alternative way of looking for a partner. Whether you are new to the idea or you’ve been online for years, one key to online dating success is your profile. Online, you are what your profile says. In short, everything you are is summed up in one page on the Internet.

The first way to create a stand out profile is to come up with a catchy profile headline and screen name. This is usually what people see first. So put all you have into writing an attention grabber. However, avoid being a copy cat. Instead, be original. This will also serve you well in the long run. If you show something of the real you, then there is no need to pretend at any point in the relationship. Before writing that headline, think long and hard about how you perceive yourself and how your friends see you. Try to remember what they say are your best qualities. Choose the ones you agree with, and then write them down. Do not ramble on and on. Decide what you want to say and say it. Lastly, be fresh and positive. Exude a vibrant aura and you will attract people to your profile. As for your screen name, the same thing applies. Be positive and unique. It may take you a little while to come up with something but it will be worth your effort.

To put a photo or not? That is the question. Some people prefer not to place their pictures on the net. The rationale is this: it shouldn’t matter what I look like, other people should like me for who I am. That is well and good. However, online dating websites testify to the fact that people who include a flattering photo in their profiles get responses 8 times more than those who do not. If you want to get more responses, then have a picture taken – from your most flattering angle – and include it in your profile.

Emphasize your unique traits. What makes you different? Help the other person understand you a little bit. Be detailed just to the point of avoiding vagueness. A little caution should be exercised here. It is fine for you to give some personal information but refrain from being too personal. It is not a good idea to vent out your problems and issues you are dealing with.

Make your expectations clear. What do you really want out of a relationship? Is this just a fling or something more stable? Mention what the other person can expect from you as well. Talk about your hobbies and things that you like to do with your partner. This way, the unsuitable candidates will not waste time – yours and his/hers.

All throughout the profile writing process bear in mind two things: honesty and originality. These will get you a long way.

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