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The opinion on who’s the best online dating service in America could vary, depending on the person being asked. But there was a popularity survey conducted among Americans and Canadians to find out the best online dating sites. The high rank though does not mean that it is the best online dating in terms of quality but it does mean that it is by far the most popular. This is based on the Alexa ranking for each of the sites. Alexa ranks the 16.5 million active websites on the Internet from # 1 (Yahoo), #2 (Microsoft) # 3 (Google). Sites ranked under 165000 are in the Top 1%.

The Top 3 American online dating agencies are the following: Match (#57), American Singles (# 179) and Date (# 658). High ranking though does not prove quality of the online dating site. But it does mean that they are used by millions.

Match is probably the best online dating site. It has an Alexa ranking of 57 and a membership of over 8 million, Match is the largest and most successful online dating agencies on the net. The main site of this one of the best online dating sites focuses on the USA, but it has more than 30 ‘sub sites’ focused on many languages and many countries around the world. This best online dating site comes strongly recommended and it is also a pioneer of online dating that has grown from strength.

American Singles

This is the second best online dating agency with an Alexa ranking of 179. This one of the best online dating site is for North American only – USA and Canada. It is not recommended for other countries. This best online dating site offers a number of advanced features and free to sign-up. Also free to send ‘teases’ even if you are not a paid-up member. Technical support is provided for those who are not sure how things work. This best online dating site is also highly recommended.

Date is one of the best online dating sites on the Internet today. It garnered an Alexa ranking of 658 and is primarily US-based. However it does enable searching by region – United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Latin America, Caribbean, Middle East, Europe – Western, Europe – Eastern, Oceania, Africa and Asia.

The runners-up for the best online dating sites are : MatchMaker, FriendFinder, DatingDirect, DreamMates and eHarmony.

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